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coming up on our t.v. a new role for the t.s.a. is sure to irritate folks at airports the screening process at certain airports may require passengers to turn on their cell phones while another musician is hassled by the t.s.a. more on that just ahead. and relations between the u.s. and germany remain cold after u.s. spying revelations new what some in germany wish for the return of the nation's gold from the federal reserve in new york the latest is coming right up. and more has been unveiled about n.s.a. surveillance a new report shows that the n.s.a. intercepts data from ordinary people more then the targeted foreigners more on that
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later in the show. it's monday july seventh four pm in washington d.c. i'm manila chan in your watching r.t. america. if you thought the long lines at the t.s.a. gate screenings weren't slow enough be prepared a new rule will allow t.s.a. officers to force travelers at airports with direct routes to the u.s. to power on their mobile and other electronic devices when going through the screening process travelers who cannot power on their devices will not be allowed to bring them on board the aircraft this is all in response to intelligence reports that al qaeda operatives in syria and yemen may have developed more sophisticated methods of hiding explosives in mobile phones that teac t.s.a. has particularly highlighted the apple i phone and samsung galaxy the t.s.a. has not said however what it plans to do with the passenger cannot turn on their
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electronics or what a traveler must do to reclaim any confiscated items this is not the first time in recent weeks though that the question of what passengers can do dealing with the t.s.a. confiscating their belongings in the name of security now renowned jazz musician christian mcbride was traveling to saskatoon canada for a gig when the carbon fiber boat to his stand up bass was confiscated by the t.s.a. now currently on tour in europe mr mcbride joined me earlier where i asked him about this incident take a look well it's been a a new thing going on with the t.s.a. where they're cracking down on exotic wood ivory being transported internationally so i flew from newark new jersey to saskatoon saskatchewan in canada and when i arrived in canada my boat was missing from mike chase now
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always trying to be a glass half full kind of guy you know giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. i assumed that t.s.a. . it's and remove the contents to check as they usually do when they leave a note but i couldn't understand why i haven't gotten any response from anyone i mean it happened on june twenty second so that's been over two weeks now i have not gotten one return phone call from anybody i called it eight the eight hundred number and i spoke to one woman and i kind of got the run around where you got a call newark airport lost and found a call lost and found the cell was all of those a checked bag you got to call customer service call customer service they say call off the sound so i can't get a definitive answers from anyone that's been the most frustrating part so really i was just going to ask you know what response did the t.s.a. have when you discovered that it was nothing but basically they're treating this as
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as anybody else's missing stuff right not that it's a vital piece of how you make your living. i was in newark airport as a couple of days ago and i you know it's a shame i had to actually be at the airport again to finally get to someone and i asked to speak to a supervisor and right away the big guy was a little nervous so why do you need a supervisor i said i just need to talk about an incident that happened a couple of weeks ago so i never did get a supervisor but the person i spoke to actually was very helpful and officer told me well i don't believe they confiscated your boat because had they confiscated it you would have been pulled off the flight or you've been you would have been called at the gate. i said ok well what happened to say well we don't know. if this is been i've been running around in circles for two weeks and it's been really frustrating well so if it wasn't confiscated then what this just be
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a simple case of theft and they just steal your stuff. i can't imagine why they would steal a ball and not one of them. i mean the boat was it was not exotic wood there was no ivory on the boat so i can't imagine it would i can't imagine a t.s.a. agent being that hip to steal a boat you know now. like i've told a gentleman on an interview not them on go if it was in case. taken by a t s agent who was a bass player and actually needed a bowl really badly i actually wouldn't mind so bad but. not having any definitive answers that's been the most frustrating part of all and now what's happened since you took this incident public and posted it on your facebook page
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which i believe you have something close to about one hundred thousand followers. the i want to tell you what the responses from that one particular post has been something that i was never ever expecting. i've done more interviews about this both for the last two weeks and i've done probably about all my c.d.'s combined. isn't that ironic when you know now as it's obviously there's implication other implications involved because it's not just your ball you know this is. a growing trend it seems with musicians because earlier this was the budapest festival orchestra had seven of its close season out of j.f.k. airport over concerns concerns that that that they may contain elephant ivory now do you think that there are enough musical instruments that have the use of i read today now that it would necessitate the t.s.a. to target musicians. when this whole campaign was started by believers to fish and
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wildlife of the of foundational or whatever the group is i don't think they really have musicians in mind i have a hard time thinking that this particular organization came came together to crack down exotic wood and ivory and said let's get every musician that we know with bones i mean would you go into it was with piano companies that are shipping pianos back and forth i mean you know what are you going to do recall every piano made in germany or italy is ridiculous so. i think the this whole thing needs to be revisited because there was also an incident where a musician from brazil came through j.f.k. and they confiscated all of his flutes and he'd been playing these flutes for thirty five and forty years. had never had a problem coming into united states with his with his flute and they've confiscated him made him pay a fine and he had to go back home so he never played his performance in new york so
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this this whole thing against musicians of this really i'm glad i'm talking about it so much because. musicians have had a very hard time even having a hard time for a long time long before this t.s.a. crackdown started happening so hopefully it will ship some life to the to the non-musician. about how important it is for our instruments to be able to you know how important they are to us for out for our for our livelihoods and you know ivory and exotic wood is part of what makes our instruments so special you know i mean i don't know if. i also heard of an incident where some t.s.a. agents went to the gibson guitar factory in tennessee and i mean come on really you know so. of all of the practitioners in this world who you could
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find exotic wood and ivory from. i think you stand a better chance of leaving musicians alone you know we just trying to play music. exactly and besides that the greater effect of all of this is like you said that musician the flutist the flutist that had to cancel his show who knows how many hundreds of people actually foot maybe flew in and had to come through the t.s.a. and catch the show so these other lives are being affected as well not just the musicians lively right well thank you so much right not to leave it right there for right now that was grammy winning jazz musician christian mcbride from his european tour thank you so much for your time sir my pleasure. and the supreme court's hobby lobby ruling has found supporters in a rather unexpected place the guantanamo bay detention center citing the hobby lobby ruling lawyers for detainees held in guantanamo bay have failed have filed
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motions asking u.s. courts to prevent prison officials from barring their ability to participate in communal prayers during ramadan as a form of punishment corey kreider an attorney for the detainees states why are the authorities at guantanamo bay seeking to punish detainees for hunger striking by curtailing their right to pray if under our law hobby lobby is a person with a right to religious freedom surely get mo detainees are people too originally courts have ruled that detainees held in get mopey do not have religious freedom because they were not covered under the religious freedom restoration act or are f.r.a. however since the hobby lobby ruling now permits closely held corporation religious protections under the r f r a the get noted hanis are asking why not them too now the united states defense department feels it is always balancing the line between
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religious freedom and security needs u.s. army lieutenant colonel myles b. kagen the third a spokesman for the department of defense claims that we are committed to religious freedoms and practices for the detainees keeping in mind the overall goal of security and safety for detainees and staff. the motions were filed last week with the washington d.c. district court on behalf of the prisoners a mob has son of yemen and ahmed rabani of pakistan both men have been detained at the prison without charge or trial since two thousand and two and still ahead here on our team many germans wish to have their gold back from the u.s. federal reserve that includes an audit of the goal that's held here more on that after the break. on merit in the financial world. to see these developments happening nonstop in a city that's only taking. its new life there are.
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the stories we cover here knocking out our story that have turned out like there's a reason they don't want to. point that i don't raise that we. now let's break the set. and gold fever has hit germany as of late and with most of the country's gold deposits sitting right here in new york's federal reserve bank many in germany have been campaigning the buddhist bank germany's central bank in frankfurt to bring their gold home peter oliver has more there was a time when taking gold out of the u.s. federal reserve was only for hollywood to suggest. it's. bruce willis because the flight until crisis in europe sold germany decided it wanted to bring home
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a significant chunk of the precious metal from the united states despite the aim to ship three hundred tons to twenty twenty so far they've only monies to bring back just over ten percent of. the americans are taking good care of our gold we have no reasons for mistrust. not so say critics of the slow progress the six hundred thirty five billion dollars of gold in u.s. faults has never been fully inspected by germany this myth. why we haven't been allowed to inspect this escapes me i'm no conspiracy theories but the bundesbank should be able to audit the gold once a year like it does with the reserves in frankfurt. the lack of inspection has led some to question if it's still there even after at least one dk to ask when this mountain the fact that there is still no shred of evidence that the german gold is untouched in the new york that's more risk still missing person who published go
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bar number lists even though the us the federal reserve does publish these lists for their own gold germany has the world's second largest gold reserves worth one hundred forty one billion dollars currently forty five percent of that is stored in new york thirteen percent in london eleven percent in paris although the three hundred seventy four tons in france is set to be all returned to germany the rest is in the bundesbank vaults in frankfurt anyone questioning the safety of the gold reserves being left office conspiracy theorists by those in charge they say it's solid financial management the bundesbank maintain that their plan is on track however they do face a potential logistical headache as they try and return almost seven hundred tons of gold from new york and paris bucky it's a germany safe and sound by the twenty twenty deadline these are all of
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a policy. and new documents from edward snowden has thrown the national security agency narrative into a tailspin over its surveillance programs we now know that the number of people whose personal communications have been intercepted by the n.s.a. far outnumber the foreigners the agency has legally targeted a new report in the washington post looked at top secret documents that no one knew snowden had acquired we knew that he had reports about n.s.a. surveillance but it turns out the former n.s.a. contractor also accessed twenty two thousand surveillance reports on intercepted conversations collected by the n.s.a. between two thousand and nine and two thousand and twelve the post's four month investigation into the report's. found that the agency had documented instant messages online videos e-mails and more on over eleven thousand four hundred unique
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accounts but just eleven percent of those account holders were the actual n.s.a. targets the rest were incidentally just caught up in the net now many of them were americans and in fact nearly half of the surveillance files had names or e-mail addresses belonging to strictly americans and inside some of their personal communications were medical records resumes baby photos racy photos so how does this augment what we've learned over the past year or so about the n.s.a. surveillance programs i'm joined by a fabulous panel today to break it down for us in new york we have kevin colyer senior politics reporter for the daily dot and joining me live in the studio here is daniel stuckey journalist for motherboard and kathleen mcclellan national security and human rights deputy director for the government accountability project thank you for joining me now there's new revelations that show that the n.s.a.
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is continuing to collect data on millions of just average people something like thirty eight people not linked to any suspect to just the one person that they do consider a suspect so we'll start with kathleen. explain to us the implications that this has in terms of privacy for the average citizen well it's has tremendous implications for privacy and it's really illustrative of a disturbing trend of deception on the part of the national security agency the n.s.a. is a proven history of underestimating and misleading the public about the scope of surveillance and the latest revelations from the whistleblower edward snowden just demonstrate how invasive the n.s.a. can be even if you're not a target. feel free to chime in what are your thoughts on this. you know you see a lot of the same elements of the n.s.a. is narrative on the question of phone bill that is the reporting of. people that
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receive documents from snowden but you know we were going to counsel robert. he's a p. club saying the same thing that they were last year the people of the pacific the privacy and civil liberties oversight board. kind of generating. a probable cause. a reasonable belief and what they were saying last year was they're going on you know gut instincts reasonable belief that's what probable cause is what we're looking at you know a target in states right this is what this is what we're using at this day and age right we're going with gut instinct now what's surprising i think is that that there hasn't been a huge public backlash to these revelations i mean what do you think is happening with the american populace that wired how can people are not upset about invasion of privacy well i mean i think the american public is upset and getting more upset you know and i think that this revel in these latest revelations just broke the american public is still learning the implications of them you know we're all recovering from our fourth of july barbecue and you know figuring out what this
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means and i think that the more the american public learns about exactly what n.s.a. is doing the the more outrage they will be i mean it's one thing to have a private company collecting your information but it's a totally different to have the government doing it and you know to the it's just metadata crowd which is the defense the of the original revelations about n.s.a. collecting on hundreds of millions of americans they said no it's the same your phone calls it's just metadata well this is not just metadata this is content this is this is content of your communications and of communications of people who you may or may not know are targets for maybe your maybe not legitimate reasons there's not really any oversight right now kevin let's bring kevin into into the fray here the end. they agents have revealed that pretty much all of what they're seeing are these private actual messages between lovers photos of moms kissing babies things of that nature and since they began doing this they've really only arrested i believe two people in connection with bomb making and this is in overseas and in
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pakistan so we've heard of casting this wide net but when is this net too wide well that's a really striking thing about this report is that there are you know it's a nine to one ratio of people collected versus people who are even targeted to begin with you know target doesn't mean necessarily even a terrorist it's a person of interest and you know washing post story goes really deep with it's you know mothers with babies it's e-mails between lovers it's all these really personal things and then similarly the justification for looking at some of these people are for example. you. just patient for a ruling someone else going to look at that you know they might not be an american are you know a target has that person on a buddy list so maybe they're not american or that a target is e-mailing in a language other than english so they're probably not american a lot of americans e-mail might have been. and well in this wide net right there
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they're capturing tons of incidental data non-suspect like you mentioned and what what do they do with this data once it's collected. a lot of it is is masked so and the n.s.a. has been very upfront that yeah we do sometimes sweep american good american data in with the sweeps but we mask most of it we mark it as you know we're not allowed to look at it they don't delete it obviously because stone was able to access it. according to the post reporter some sixty five thousand. massed entries and at least nine hundred that they found there were unmasked but pretty clearly were american references to americans e-mails so this this information just kind of floating around in the ether i mean that that's kind of scary right in that i can read your e-mails my e-mails i mean also we see you know conflicting communications coming from and after these reports saying oh well we know we filter out what we
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don't need but you know we look at the original report in the washington post and you know we see them talking about well. there could be something that looks or all of them but since we have this information we're going to hold on to it and see if it becomes relevant oid or you know when you're looking through thousands and thousands of pages of chats so this is just kind of becoming speculative that they're just going to hold on to people's e-mails and private photos and and just having their massive files that's it's incredibly disturbing when you think of it that way and it's interesting too you know i'm glad that we brought up how much is actually being collected because the n.s.a. and the director of national intelligence have maintained to the american public and to congress that they couldn't count how many americans were being swept up in this program yet somehow the washington post managed to do a pretty good estimate based on documents from the whistleblower so i think it really demonstrates the need for aggressive investigative journalism and whistleblowers because without them we would still be being fed this line of. you
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know that well yeah that too but this line of we can't tell you how many americans are being swept up here when in fact it seems that you can at least do an estimate i mean the washington post an estimate based on a representative sample. and the quantity quantitative number that you can arrive at when it comes to minimisation the n.s.a. and senior officials and surveillance state apologists have really relied on these minimisation procedures to protect the country but you know that's not the way the law is going that's not the way the supreme court is going in another context just as robert said founders did not fight a revolution to gain the right to government agency post that's not what the fourth amendment requires and so to the extent the minimisation is the basis for all of this information being collected that's pretty that's pretty dubious especially considering that they don't really ever it here to the ministry or they don't they rarely and here to the administration procedure let's just be real here without people that have there's going to be tons of this information piled up somewhere in a bunch of servers somewhere and you taught some point right so could you foresee
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this as possibly grounds for a lawsuit because this is inevitably people's private information is going to leak out we are just in that day and age where people just share we over share right so this information is bound to leak could this potentially be grounds for a lawsuit against the n.s.a. right well i mean that's one of the most troubling things to consider when we see that all this information that's being gathered in collected it will come back to hurt the n.s.a. eventually when say there's a case made that someone wants to find out why are they collecting this information about me and you know that opens up vulnerabilities on intelligence. community like you know america's top teligent community saying you know then that gives president other people that want to have access to this information that's been collected and you know to scrutinize them and to sue there could be civil actions of massive scale i think the results of the time is going to tell on that now let's turn to
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a slightly different angle in more recent findings it's been revealed that facebook was participating in the emotion manipulation study right and we can compare that to like the jim carey movie the truman show i think a lot of people have done that daniel stuckey let's start with you what are the implications of facebook directly affecting people's emotions without manipulating their users without kind of any any warning. i think it's totally fine this is. i mean this is a different angle as you say this is a private company this is you know facebook this is where we volunteer you know everything about ourselves or we don't or we're you know use it as a way to watch our friends talk about their dieting and their babies and things like that this is a private company and it's free to use you know it's a shame to see them design it in a way that people don't like or whatever but at the end of the day it's something
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much different than. taxpaying dollars there's an n.s.a. project kevin what what do you say about that i agree it's definitely a different animal i don't think anyone who follows privacy would disagree with me when i say that if you do care about your privacy in a very general sense you should not use facebook at all it's it's a careful company in that regard. that said yeah it's kind of apples and oranges personally i'm pretty creeped out by the facebook thing but again the worst facebook can do is manipulate your emotions or. mine your data. it's not quite the same thing as a government agency directly tracking you ok now real quick i only have about a minute left there were rumors that were later debunked that there was military funding behind the facebook emotion study because cornell stepped forward and issued a definitive retraction of that rumor and in anybody here anybody has experience is
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there a real concern for potential collaboration between the department of defense and private corporations such as facebook to manipulate the populace emotion i think that there is in general a concern with the department of finance partnering up with some private corporation i don't think in this case you know as you said it was debunked they've funded studies in the past and it is a study at the end of the. between you know cornell and facebook but yeah this is i think it's something pretty typical to see the part of the phone sort of harboring in a study it sounds like we're just all guinea pigs if we are going to be using facebook so that's all the time that we have there that was kevin coyer senior politics reporter for the daily dot daniel stuckey journalist for motherboard and kathleen mcclellan national security and human rights deputy director for the government accountability project thank you so much for your time everybody and
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that does it for now i am manila chancy a later. this is what we do we kill people and break things we can see something if simple as people playing a soccer game you can see individual players and if you see the ball. you can only see his facial expression you can see is a mouth open and crying out. maybe he cursed us or maybe he asked. for forgiveness for. there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured.
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but if you will show harmony why should be making news all the face i think i feel alone. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i roll researchers. patients are forced. to. be such nations and the finish line of the cloth on. that.


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